We ask that all members observe the rules in addition to any pre-agreed club rules, these rules are NOT negotiable.


  1. If you feel unwell / have any cold symptoms / are displaying COVID symptoms / have had contact with anyone with COVID DO NOT ATTEND THE CLUB

  2. If you exhibit COVID symptoms after attending the club then please notify the club immediately

  3. Snooker must be booked in advance

  4. Only tables 1 & 3 will be in use

  5. No nonplaying guests

  6. Players should sanitise their hands before and after play. A Sanitising station is located by door just outside snooker hall.

  7. No shaking hands before or after play

  8. No borrowing / sharing of equipment – allocate a rest for each player

  9. Avoid sharing ‘touch points’, such as triangles and scoreboards

  10. Avoid unnecessary touching of the table, such as leaning on the table edges

  11. Players, must remain at least one metre+ apart from others at all times, sticking to opposing sides of the table where possible

  12. Please wipe down the door handles / doorknobs / sides of tables and any equipment you have used at the end of your session with the bacterial wipes provided

  13. Maximum of two people per snooker table.